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Hear what others have to say….


“It was awesome!” 12 year old

“It was so inspiring to see the Christ presence in action right there and then.” – J. Teal Amarillo, TX

“The ideas she shared were practical – things you could take home and use right away.”  -St. Paul, MN

“Elise is able to translate ideas in a way that’s understandable and to create a bridge to people of other religious traditions.”  Disciples of Christ minister, Kansas

“Your detailed guidance on lecture preparations was excellent, creative and resourceful, and was an immense help in giving direction to our Lecture Committee activities.” – Sun City West, AZ

“I am ready for Sunday School.  I have high schoolers who will learn to make these short prayers their own.” – Dallas, TX


Lectures Available 2015-2016


20min versions available of all talks.

Hospital, prison, ministerial, and youth group talks are all available. 


Contact me elise@elisemoore.com or call 615-321-3080 to arrange your talk.


Online application form


Curing the Incurable

Excerpts you can use for invitation/power.  All things are possible to God.  Explore how to overcome fear and experience permanent cure.  The divine laws of God can heal and save you.  Healings of anorexia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and more.


Description for lecture committee (not for invitation):  This lecture is all about handling fear and utilizing the law of God to heal disease.  We will discuss five specific ways to remove fear and how removing fear results in healing.  We explore 7 specific spiritual laws of God that are effective in healing so-called incurable disease.  The emphasis is on prayer and healing not on problems.  Healings of tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lump in breast, cancer, accidental drinking of household chemicals, effects of a serious auto accident, anorexia, heart condition, and polio are mentioned or described in depth.  A handout provides Bible references and references from Science and Health for use during the lecture and to take home.  Rather than superficially addressing an array of arguments in an hour, this lecture focuses on handling fear specifically and illustrates in a comforting, practical way how handling fear heals every problem.


The Healing Power of the Bible  

Excerpts you can use for invitation/poster... The Word of God heals today.  Healings of unemployment, a tumor, skin ulcer and more.  You will be given a handout with healing Bible verses and hear effective ways to pray for yourself and others.  Unlock the healing power of the Bible.


Description for lecture committee (not for invitation):  This lecture includes 5 healings in which Bible verses were the key in the cure.  The audience will participate in discussing Scriptural names for God and the qualities related to these synonyms.  A list of specific healing Bible verses will be given along with helpful passages from Science and Health.  This lecture explains Christian Science theology regarding baptism, salvation, and original sin in a way that newcomers appreciate and understand.  A person from any religion or denomination will feel welcome in this lecture.  We discuss what to do when pray doesn’t seem to work.  This lecture is good for newcomers from any denomination as well as people unfamiliar with the Bible.  Christian Scientists will gain specific ideas to use in their own healing and see ways to explain Christian Science to others.  This lecture is Bible-based and is suitable for general audiences and special interest groups including interfaith, ministerial groups and Bible studies.

If your church is interested in any of my other lectures please look below.

Lecture series…

Multiple lectures increase the awareness of Christian Science and strengthen the healing message in the community. Talk can be between 20-60 minutes.  For additional titles please see below.

First in-person lecture is $1400. Additional lectures for only $1000.  


With each lecture at no extra charge…

Press Kit Includes press release, media advisory, flyer, print ad, and radio ad.

Tips for a Successful Lecture   - Ideas to help your church pray effectively, increase lecture attendance, gather newcomers to your lecture, have healings at the lecture, and connect newcomers with your church and church activities after the lecture.  It includes specific ideas on low cost advertising and handling community resistance to Christian Science. 

Unlimited interviews arranged by your church for radio, television, and newspaper. 

Prelude music - 20 minutes of contemporary Christian Science hymns, Southern gospel and contemporary music is available. Lecturer brings music CD (not for sale). (Amplification required.)

Optional: In-person lecture prep workshop – I offer a one hour lecture preparation workshop on Supporting Spiritual Healing for your church congregation the day before your lecture.


Handle animal magnetism in your lecture planning!

Mrs. Eddy wrote the letter quoted below to Alfred Farlow.  I’ve found it invaluable in praying for lectures. 

“I request that you pray once everyday for the principal editors of the principal periodicals in your city and for the clergymen in your pulpits.  The lying influence sent forth to deceive our clergymen and our pressmen would, "if possible, deceive the very elect."  This must be met with a counteracting influence through prayer.  Let Truth be heard above error, and God will bless your efforts.  Jesus saith, "All things are possible to him who believeth."  Ask other members of your Church to do likewise, each day to pray as above, and pour in the truth that destroys the error."  Setting the Course p22,23


Alfred Farlow’s comment on another occasion reminds us how to handle apathy and opposition….

"The only way we can stand the test under fire of the opposition that is brought against us in these days is to cling to the Bible…. The Christian people of the country will stand by us if we stick to our Christianity." Ibid

Setting the Course: Alfred Farlow and the Mission of the Committee on Publication, published by the Committee on Publication 1993


The Mother Church has requested that lecturers focus on two lectures this year.  If your church wants to request any of the following lectures, please let me know.

God is Speaking to You      

Excerpts you can use for invitation/poster…  Hear 9 real stories of people protected and healed by God. Healings of stroke, difficulty walking, kidnapping avoided and more.  God speaks to people in prison, in a movie theater, in a junkyard, anywhere!  Anyone can listen to God.  God is speaking 24/7 and you can hear it!   I know prayer works because it saved me from being abducted when I was 10 years old.

Description for lecture committee (not for invitation):  This lecture has 9 compelling examples of healing including healings of stroke, a chronic debilitating illness and averting suicide.  Stories include a homeless man, a woman in prison and 5 dramatic experiences of kids and teens.  This lecture specifically discusses how to tell the difference between God and your own wishful thinking, how to tune in to God, how to pray effectively, and what gets in the way of healing.  This is a nuts-and-bolts lecture for general audiences who want to know how to pray and heal, and for Christian Scientists who want fresh inspiration to heal chronic problems.  This lecture is very kid friendly. It is an excellent lecture for prisons and juvenile facilities.


Texting God: Effective Short Prayers

Description for lecture committee or invitation:  This lecture describes silent prayer with short effective one word prayers like: Help! ThanksJ  No!   This lecture includes handouts with short prayers for kids and adults. Three keys to make your prayer more effective. *Healing sickness *Finding a job *Life issues  We’ll also discuss the wordless prayer of love.  This lecture is for general audiences, is youth-friendly, interactive, Bible-based and has plenty of in-depth practical healing truths for Christian Scientists dealing with chronic or acute problems.  If you’ve sponsored one of my lectures before, this would be an excellent follow-up!  This lecture is excellent for general audiences of every age as well as youth groups.


What is Christian Science? 20-60 min for university, hospital, ministerial setting

Description for lecture committee (not for invitation):  This is a classroom lecture for nurses, doctors, chaplains, ministers, high school, university or graduate school classes.  It is appropriate for religion classes, sociology classes and American history classes where there is an interest in the Bible basis of Christian Science and its practical application to the healing of sin as well as sickness.  This lecture gives clear answers to the popular theological questions regarding salvation, sin, baptism, heaven, hell, Jesus Christ, etc. It answers basic questions why Christian Science is not a cult.  It also addresses healing of sickness through prayer, healing of children, etc.  This lecture has been well received at the University of Central Florida in a sociology class, a Catholic education program for adults, Vanderbilt Divinity School graduate class, Assembly of God ministerial course, Catholic hospital, and junior college and high school religion classes.


Preventing Violence

Description for lecture committee (not for invitation): Feeling safe at night, feeling safe in a war zone, feeling safe in a place that feels like a war zone…this lectures addresses how to prevent violence in our individual lives.  Examples include a WWII veteran finding safety at Dunkirk and behind enemy lines, a rape prevented, freedom from nightmares, and finding peace and safety after years of sexual abuse.  We’ll discuss ways to overcome fear, be safe, and help other escape from dangerous situations.  Prayer and preventing violence isn’t ignoring evil. It’s learning to be a victor, not a victim.


The Possibilities of Prayer  

Excerpts for invitation/poster… Healings of unemployment, ear ache, and cancer.  You can pray effectively.  Discover answers and how to pray effectively for yourself and others!  Anyone can be healed through the power of God. Come hear specific ways to pray.


Description for lecture committee (not for invitation):  This lecture is all about how to pray!  We talk about spiritual reasoning, spiritualizing thought, and the blessings of in-depth study of the Bible and Science and Health…all in simple language that the public can understand with a little humor describing prayer using an analogy of helicopters and machetes.  This is a practical, in-depth lecture on how to pray through difficult challenges.  There are 6 stories of healing including how a man changed his life after losing his job, how a child prayed and was healed, healing of complications from a gunshot wound, etc.  The lecture ends with an inspiring discussion of the Beatitudes which engages Christian Scientists as well as newcomers.  Everyone will come away with a deeper understanding of prayer that heals. 


Biographical Information - Elise L. Moore, C.S.B.


Elise Moore is an international Christian speaker and has lectured in over 300 cities, 5 continents and 17 countries in North America and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India,  Hong Kong, Singapore and the Caribbean.  Elise has appeared on radio, television and internet programs in both English and Spanish. She has been a guest speaker at universities, men’s women’s and juvenile prisons, Bible study groups, interfaith conferences, and other public venues.


Elise was a chaplain in a homeless shelter, where she led Bible study groups and was involved in spiritual counseling. She organized and participated in interfaith conferences, adult literacy programs, and an after-school program for minority youth.


Elise has published more than 250 articles on prayer and healing for Christian Science magazines and in a weekly column for the Gallatin, Tennessee, News Examiner and the Nashville Metropolitan Times.


Elise Moore has been actively engaged in the full-time ministry of Christian healing for over 25 years and has been a teacher of Christian Science healing since 1997.


Prior to entering the full-time healing practice, Elise worked in technical sales and marketing for Westinghouse, Bell & Howell, and in her own company. She graduated with high honors from Michigan State University with a B.A. in economics. She is fluent in Spanish and attended the University of Guadalajara, Mexico.


Elise enjoys traveling with her husband, David.  She is an avid birder and loves the outdoors.  Elise and David have two sons and six grandchildren.


Contact information:

Elise L. Moore, C.S.B.

P.O. Box 150007, Nashville, Tennessee 37215

Phone: 615-321-3080      




Music CD

1. Nashville Chamber Orchestra, Conversations in Silence album, “Blackberry Winter III”

2. Bill Chaplin, “Saw Ye My Saviour

3. John Michael Montgomery, The Very Best of…album “Life’s a Dance”

4. Arthur Blanch, “I Love to Tell the Story”

5. Alison Krauss, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack “Down by the River”


Songs without links are all available on iTunes.


Last updated: June 8, 2015

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